10 Things You Didn’t Know About That ’70s Show

10 Things You Didn’t Know About That ’70s Show

It was not until recently that they decided to bury the hatchet and get along. The pair played onscreen couple Jackie and Kelso in the show that ran from to While they started off together, on the screen the couple eventually split up for good with Jackie finding an unexpected interest in immigrant Fez at the end of the show and Kelso ends up getting one of the girls in town pregnant. According to friends close to the couple, they were surprised to hear that the two were dating. It seems that the two needed to do a lot of growing up while on the set of the show, and did that during their time apart. It was at the start of the divorce proceedings between Kutcher and Demi Moore that Kunis decided it was time to bring an end to the feud. She realized that the now year-old was going through so much already and he needed a friend.

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Share Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis may have only officially began dating in early , but That 70s star Laura Prepon has said that she “isn’t surprised” that the showbiz couple are together, because Kutcher was Mila’s first kiss. Laura told Us Weekly “he was, he was”, when asked whether Mila was Kutcher’s first smooch, with the characters also romancing each other on the FOX comedy that aired for eight seasons from to Mila had only briefly met Kutcher when she was told she’d have to kiss him on camera, with the then-young Miula telling People back in

Life might be imitating art for former onscreen couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. The That ’70s Show co-stars were spotted out on what appeared to be a day-long date in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The show was a huge success from the first season, and went on to last for a total of 8 seasons and 8 years. Now, more than 10 years have passed since the finale, and almost 20 years have passed since the pilot first aired do you feel old yet? And for some ahem.. Mila Kunis they got a lot more than an acting break.. Although the lead characters are mostly male, the female roles are well-worthy of some praise.

These lovely women played the important roles of mothers, sisters, friends, enemies, girlfriends and wives. While some of the women on this list you will definitely remember, we are pretty sure that a few of them you may have forgotten over the years… Mila Kunis as Jackie Burkhart — Then Jackie is the self-absorbed, spoiled rich girl who dated Kelso and Hyde on and off throughout the show.

Although she can be selfish and manipulative, she also shows in moments that she can be kind and caring. In , she appeared in the award-winning film Black Swan where she played alongside Natalie Portman. In , the year-old married her on-screen sweetheart Ashton Kutcher, and the couple now have two children together. Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti — Then Donna is the intelligent, tall, witty and independent girl who dates Eric for a majority of the show.

That 70s Show – Behind the Scenes Quiz Stats

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That ’70s Show is probably one of, if not the greatest period sitcom to ever air. The series focused on a group of teenage friends who lived in the same Wisconsin neighborhood during the mid to late ’70s. The show was a huge success from the first season, and went on to last for a total of [ ].

Later I understood why they spent so much time in that basement, I understood all the sexual innuendo and I…still had a huge crush on Eric. So without further ado, here are 10 moments from the show that changed my life! I loved their dynamic because Donna was all Luckily I’ve never experienced this before but I felt for him, I really did. Nobody needs to see that. It wasn’t until I watched more of the show as a teenager that I understood what was going on down there.

That ’70s Show – where are the cast now?

It’s a very hilarious sitcom that takes place in, believe it or not, the 70s. Located in a fictional suburb of Green Bay, Wisconsin known as Point Place, the series revolves around the comical daily interactions of the Forman family and their friends and neighbors. Through twenty-five great episodes, the first season tackles many familiar issues like sex, drugs, dating, friendships, and family values.

These issues turn into a few sticky situations that should leave you rolling over with laughter. The first season has some really great episodes, which is mostly due to the great cast and some outright great stories.

That’s just one of the revelations in this look back at the active love dating lives enjoyed by the cast of ‘That ’70s Show’, which ultimately resulted in matrimony for former co-stars 70’s dating show – How to get a good woman.

I love her she’s so funny and play nice wjerryz Nov 2, Positively beautiful and very talented. That would be a really odd coupling given the hight diff. Lovinglife Mar 18, loved her in that 70’s show: A huge blockbuster role is needed to get her into the A-List as far as the current crop of actresses is concerned but she is good-lookin and hot and sharp so she certainly has a lot of moxey already in her favor. Paul PerronaJun 29, From the collision of two galaxies to the fusion of two cells, fathom the countless microscosmic events in between; microscopic miracles beyond number that had to happen precisely as they did to bring forth such Beauty that steals the breath.

Hold this in your mind as you hold Her in your eye and you will see an Angel. Whether she’s had her natural hair color, or blond, it hasn’t affected her versatility or talent as an actress, or her stunning natural beauty.

’70s Show’ costars Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis reportedly engaged

Who is Topher Grace’s girlfriend? Who is Topher Grace’s wife? Is Topher Grace single? Who is Topher Grace married to?

With great nostalgic 70s homages and references, hilarious dialogue and delivery and a nonsensical, take-no-prisoners style of comedic storytelling, THAT 70S .

Mass communication had really become that — mass. As recently as the s, not everyone in the country had a radio. Meanwhile, very few people were able to afford televisions. Keep in mind, this was a time that computers were not even around, a time when IBM was known more as a jumble of letters than as the computing giant we know them today.

Yet by the time that the s had rolled around, everyone had access to a radio. Because of this, the stars of the s really made a huge impact on the American psyche and how American culture developed. While there are still distinct cultures across the United States, the differences were much starker before this great equalizer of technology. Now, anyone, from the Partridge Family to the Cassidys, were able to get their message and their music across to the entire United States simultaneously.

They were able to perform and entertain us in our own living rooms.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher: A love story

Mar 22, The game show creator, producer and host died Monday of natural causes, a representative for his wife said. Advertisement Barris’ creations dominated the TV game show landscape in the s and ’70s. He launched “The Dating Game” in , an instant hit that inspired numerous imitations.

The only freshman show to survive Fox’s season, That ’70s Show would go on to run for episodes. The youthful unknowns of the pilot would be turned into stars. The youthful unknowns of the pilot would be turned into stars.

The hit show provided iconic lines and hysterical scenes. And let’s not forget that it also paved the way for one of Hollywood’s favorite celebrity couples – Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. Most of the main cast members from “That ’70s Show” continue to act, but have also ventured into writing books, directing, and producing. Keep reading to see what the cast has been up to since the series finale aired. He also appeared in “Workaholics” and “Drunk History. Donna ditched her signature red hair for a blonde shade after she and Eric broke up, but in reality, it was dyed because Prepon’s role in the film “Karla” required blonde hair.

On season six, Kelso had a child with Brooke played by Shannon Elizabeth and later became a police officer.

Topher Dishes About That ‘70s Show, Ashton Kutcher, and Mila Kunis

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